Protecting your assets

It’s all about damage limitation

In any business, you have three key assets:  your clients, your staff and yourself all of which need to be looked after if you’re to be successful.

We all want to offer our clients excellent service and in order to do so, we need to hold certain information about them. We might also want to monitor workflows, have easy and secure ways to keep in touch with them and manage their work efficiently as well as offer timely invoicing and an easy payment solution.

All of this requires people to carry it out, whether that’s you as the business owner or your staff. And you all need looking after.

That’s where I come in. Offering services to help you look after all these areas as follows:

Simply Data – From CRM implementation to GDPR consultancy, I can offer assistance with anything that will help you to manage your data effectively and compliantly.

Simply You – With my Workplace and Ergonomics Consultant hat on I offer a complete review of your workstation set up, providing a full report of my review, I’ll make any recommendations that will help you to work comfortably. Whether that involves tweaking your set-up slightly or getting hold of new equipment, I will take into account your personal situation, space restrictions and any other limitations when it comes to providing advice.

You can find further information and my experience by clicking ‘About me’

If you’d like me to help, get in touch using the contact form or give me a call on 01628 873403.

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