Enterprise Doctor

“I’m not clever (in respect to GDPR!). I went to half a dozen seminars and read all the incoming emails and newsletters, but still wasn’t sure what I actually needed to do. So, I got some help from Sarah.

That help was on a 1-2-1 basis, 100% tailored to me, to my business, to my systems and to my set-up. The help I received took not much over a couple of hours (it could be more or less for you, depending on your business). I then had a solid ‘to do’ list, completely specific to my individual needs.

It then took me about three hours to do all I needed to do, including some IT security stuff recommended by Sarah which I should have done years ago.

So, if you feel that service would be of use to you, talk to Sarah. And if you’re way ahead of me, well done you!”

Mark Harris, Enterprise Doctor